Why I Started this Blog…


Though the journey has been relatively short (only a year)…If there is one thing I have learned is, information is power.  Every time I talk to someone I learn something new.  But, this is not about me…and really it isn’t about you.  It is about the kids in our lives.  The ones that need some extra help to navigate this crazy world we live in.  I am sure there are many things whether it be a class, an experimental treatment, a particular therapist, or an article you read that you said to yourself….I need to tell my friend “so and so” about this.  Well, I am asking you to do that…tell us!  It will help us to figure out where to invest our efforts.  Our kids need this information.  But, I am asking a favor…please keep it positive.  It is more powerful to hear about the things that are working than not.  It gives us hope.  Please note, I am not a doctor and have no formal training.  I am just a parent with a special needs child staring down the million of things I could do to support him.  So, I will continue to post and I ask you to do the same.  PLEASE the success of our children depends on our knowledge, without the people I have met along the way sharing with me I don’t know where Tyler would be today.  Thank you in advance for sharing…looking forward to learning with you!

P.S. I am computer challenged so it will take some time before the blog looks as it should.  Also, feel free to post questions as well.  I will be doing the same.  Thanks again!


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  1. I hope everyone posts information on dr.’s, therapies, interesting articles or seminars they heard about. It will really be a great source of information. I will post some info later!! Good luck with this site, it is an excellent idea!!

  2. In case anyone is interested there is a free parent seminar run by the Brain Balance Center on ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Processing Disorders. They will discuss these issues as well as how their center can work with you to address them. It is being held on January 27th at 7:30 PM. If you are interested call 516.763.2200 to register.

  3. Hey Guys, I am going to try and get some input on free events for children with special needs. I know that this was discussed at the coffee house and everyone was interested. So, I will do some recon and hopefully have something to post by next week.

    I will also try to post info on the Challenger Program (sports) and Anchor (all support services including camp). These are known to be outstanding programs and worth looking into . Post coming by next week.

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