Course on Sensory Processing Disorder/Integration


Wanted to pass along this info. There is a place in Deer Park Long Island called Island Therapies (address 1 Brandywine Drive Ph: 631-392-0081) that is holding a course on Sensory Strategies at home. This class is for both professional as well as parents that have children with sensory processing disorder/integration or if they just have difficulty with different sensory issues (no formal diagnosis). The course is being held next Sunday on the 28th. (course details- Unfortunately it is 165 dollars. I may potentially take the course. If I do, I will be sure to blog about. Additionally, if there are handouts I will let you know and if you are interested I can send out copies. I think what is important to note about SPD/SID is that even if your child doesn’t have the formal diagnosis there are a lot of great strategies to implement during the day that could help any child! Also, if your child does have the official diagnosis…I would highly recommend the magazine called S.I. Focus Magazine. If you don’t want to get the subscription, I get the electronic version so I will forward relevant information as it comes in.


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