Additional Information–Coming out of the seminar with Long Island Advocacy Group


I wanted to add a post based on the information we received from the Long Island Advocacy earlier this week. Although there was a lot of great information shared, more specific details can be better attained during a one-on-one conversation. With that being said, for those of you who couldn’t attend the session the speaker/advocate provided her email address for any specific questions ( Also, I have a copy of her presentation that she gave out at the meeting so if you are interested just send me a note at and I will send it to you. Lastly, to sum up her suggestions I browsed thru the wrightslaw website and pulled an article that highlights how she thought we should communicate with the CSE board, a tool/checklist to use during your IEP meeting, a chapter from a book that covers writing smart IEP goals, and a few other tid bits. Take a look when you have free time. Hope it helps (links to all the above mention info in the IEP section/page–look at list on right hand side bar)


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