Tips for Mealtimes–From a Feeding Specialist


Just wanted to pass along a few tips from the feeding specialist Tyler has been seeing. I will also put the info in the feeding therapy section of the page.

1. Take foods out of original containers. Put in tuuperware or other neutral containers. This helps your child transition to different brands or flavors of amiliar foods.

2. Meals and snacks should be eaten in the same place and at regular times

3. Have a mealtime routine. Have your child help you prepare the food and set the table. Everyone should wash before the meal. This helps your child to anticipate what’s coming and get ready to eat.

4. Eat with your child. children learn from watching how you eat. Talk about what you’re eating. Mention how it feels (crunchy, smooth, etc.), tasts (sweet, etc.) and looks. Talk about how you are eating (I’m biting off a piece with my front teeth and using my tongue to push it on to my really big teeth in the back. Then I can chew it.) Exaggerate your movements to show him what to do.

5. Don’t talk to your child/ask him question if he’s already eating. We never want to interrupt or distract a child who’s eating.

6. Your child should have three foods on his plate at a time–a protein, a starch an a fruit or vegetable. If he cannot tolerate a food on his plate, move it away from him but keep it on the table. If he still cannot tolerate it, cover it with a napkin.

7. Try to keep meals as stress free as possible. Stress causes our brains to release adrenaline and adrenaline reduces hunger. Ideas on how to keep positive environment will come next week.

8. Save sweet foods for the end of a meal or a bedtime snack. Sweetness cuts appetite.
Well, that is all I have for now. More to come from our visit next week.


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