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I found this letter on a board I frequent and had an email exchange with her mother about this amazing 14 year old girl with special needs. Unfortunately her school is going thru some budget cuts so they will be removing the track program. Kali has worked so hard to improve her skills and wants to continue running with her team but it doesn’t appear to be possible. She is not asking for money…just a recipe. She will be puttting together a cookbook and the money she makes will go to support the running club. Please, Please, Please send her a recipe. It is so wonderful what she is doing to support the team/sport that she loves. It would be so amazing if she could help keep the program alive, not only for her but her team members. To date, she has not received many recipes or support. I believe she has only gotten a small amount. Thank you so much for your consideration. Read her letter below!

February 6, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Kali-Morie and I am 14 years old. I have a lot of unique abilities and I have a lot I struggle with. I am in the 9th grade at a rural school, over 2 hours from the big city of Denver.

Our school board doesn’t get that just because the individual sports have fewer members, they are just as important as football and volleyball. I have waited since elementary school to be able to run on the cross-country team. I’m not the fastest but I did increase my own personal time every time we had a meet. I also made every meet and every practice, no matter the personal struggle.

It was hard for our team to raise any funds this year. NO one seems to care about the individual sports. The parents and the players do but everyone else seems to think it would be okay if they weren’t there. Our school board said if cross-country doesn’t raise funds for next season the team may be cut. I love cross-country and I would hate for it to be cut so I came up with a fundraiser idea and that is where I need your help.

I want to create a cookbook and call it Runnin’ cross-country, recipes from coast to coast. I am going to type all the recipes myself, decorate a cover and add comb binding. Since I am doing it 100% free for my coach, it will be 100% profit to the team.

I am sending this letter and recent photos of me in some of my activities to show you that with love and support anything is possible.

I need recipes to make this cookbook a success and I am reaching out to you and your fellow employees and hoping your company will support my endeavor. Each recipe will have your name and the company you are from.

I bet you get lots of letters from kids asking for things all the time and I hope you will chose to help me.

As I said at the beginning of the letter I have lots of challenges that I must overcome on a daily basis. I have severe sensory integration disorder and couldn’t stand water for many years. 3 Years ago I decided I wanted to join the town swim team. In order to do that I had to swim the length of the pool. It took me 2 years to do that, hundreds of lessons and overcoming many fears. This past summer I swam on the swim team and took 5th in butterfly, my favorite stroke. As a high schooler I recently joined the team, another individual sport. Our first high school match is this week.

I have severe asthma, a debilitating lung disorder that can prevent or hinder a person from doing normal day to day tasks. It isn’t normal for a person with severe asthma to want to run like I do, but with proper medical care and a coach that really cared I am able to. It isn’t easy and I am often winded and need to use my inhaler but I try my best and I give it my all. I am looking forward to running on the cross-country team for years to come. With your help that will be a reality.

Along with running, I play clarinet, (my 5th year), another task hard to do with severe asthma. Marching in the cold, sitting in the bleachers at every home football game. I’ve never missed a performance yet and I will not let me asthma hold me back. I sing in both the high school choir and windsong (a barber shop type town choir), I love them both. I take dance—ballet, jazz and tap and although its sometimes hard to keep my asthma from stopping me. I preserve and make it through.

I am sharing this with you to show how awesome my mum is. Mum allows me to take on projects like this and supports me and never tells me it won’t work. She says all we can do is try.

I have been drawing since I was 2. I know my mum is biased but she says I am really good. Reading and drawing help take my mind off the struggles I have. 3 Years ago I could barely write, so this is a true labor of love project. It isn’t going to be easy with all my challenges but I want to do this to show my coach we can raise funds and save our team. After all it only takes 1 person to move a mountain. Will you help my mountain move?

I try everyday to do all I can. To be the best I can even when it means the road is all uphill and steep & rough. It isn’t easy to have a high IQ and learning challenges. It is easy to love life, yet fear leaving home due to pediatric bipolar. It isn’t easy having Autism and having no friends. It isn’t easy struggling to breathe yet wanting to do all I enjoy. It isn’t easy having a chemical sensitivity and low immune system. It certainly isn’t easy being the square peg in a round world. It isn’t easy to always think outside the box and go above and beyond to find a solution.

This is my simple solution. Solicit recipes from those that care. Those that may understand people like me. Those that may know someone else just like me. Will you please share a recipe or two with me?

If you can please email it to, please put recipe for Kali-Morie in the subject. You can also mail them to me at 517 Jackson St., Sterling CO 80751. I promise to send thank you’s for any recipe you send. Please ask everyone you know. My goal is 300-400 recipes by May 2010.

Next season cross-country starts in late August and I want the coach to have the books to sell at that time. Along with the cookbooks, my mum is making sport theme stockings, sport theme fleece blankets and sport theme pajama pants. She is also donating them so that it is 100% profit for the team.

I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures of what you can do if you set your mind to it. Remember every goal is attainable as long as you have people that believe in you.

Thank you for believing in me.

Thank you for supporting my goal.

Thank you for being the wonderful company you are.

God Bless!



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