The 411 and the DL on Haley Moss’ New Book—Middle School: The Stuff Nobody Tells You About!


Whether your child has Autism or Not, this is a must read for all girls entering middle school. Growing up in the 80’s there weren’t books that provided this type of information and especially not from the perspective of a young girl actually going thru it. Haley is not only a talented artist she is also a girl who’s been there. Haley was diagnosed at the young age of 3 with high-functioning autism. She takes you through her experiences and will teach your child many important lessons along the way.—Everything from how to work a combination lock, using tweezers, and getting a period. She even provides an entire section of references for slang to help someone that struggles socially (I learned 411 means information and DL means the Down Low—Thanks Haley). She gives advice on saying no to drugs, sex, and cheating. These are lessons as parents we try to teach our children early on. There is nothing better than hearing from a peer first hand and her survival methods to these tricky social pitfalls that every child will be sure to encounter at least once during their school years. But, my favorite section of the book is when Haley discusses the important role of a mother (or a female adult) and how to connect and keep the relationship going. As she concludes the book she tells all that “Different is Cool” and how middle school it is very much about “fitting in” but by the time they enter high school individualism is the new trend! She tries to instill confidence in your child and demonstrate that it is ok to be yourself and that one day soon they will find their groove.
I hope you check out Haley’s new book and purchase it for your child entering middle school as their survival guide.


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