Before I start to write about some of the more technical stuff. I wanted to write a little something about my 2 sisters. Along with my husband… they are my rock. If you don’t have a sister or sisters, I can only hope you have that one best friend you can call your rock. Since we have started down this road I have met many people that have said to me that “some people just don’t get it.” And unfortunately, those people tend to be individuals with “typical developing” children. With that being said, my sisters are our cheering section. Although, yes they may not fully understand exactly what every type of therapy does for Tyler, they always support us. When I sign Tyler up for yet another therapy session, an evaluation, or class, they are on the sidelines waiting to see the progress. And, although I have learned there is no silver bullet, they continue to point out the positive changes they see in Tyler. I know there have been many of times I have not made all of the right decisions, or even worse not see much progress. They continue to remind me to keep trying. “Whatever it takes Rosie,” or “Keep going, he is doing amazing.” What I really love is when I call them up to vent and tell them about some crazy thing Tyler did or something I wish he would just do. They would say to me, “Rosie it will come” or “remember that is something any 4 year old would do…that is not just Tyler.” And, instantly I would feel better and say to myself to stop seeing the negative and see Tyler, really SEE him for who he is. A gentle, sweet, smart, 4 year old little boy who can do anything he puts his mind to. So, I hope you find your rock. Whoever it is in your life, you will need it!

To my sisters…Wendy and Marge. You guys are my rock! I don’t know where we would be without you both. I know you will forever be on this road with us. Please keep cheering us on. We, especially Tyler need your love and support. We will be crossing this finish line together.


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  1. I too have two sisters, Kerri and Timra. Thankfully, Kerri went to school for special education. Although she has worked with a lot of down syndrome children, she knew a lot about children with special needs and friends she could reach out to for me to get information from. I agree, having support is essential. I can’t imagine being on this journey/roller coaster by myself. My support system consists of my husband, my parents, my sisters and some close friends. I also have to say, Andrew’s Early Intervention therapists were amazing, especially his speech therapist. I would hate to think where Andrew would be today without the hard work and support of all of these people.

    I tend to analyze everything Andrew does and worry way too much about what he’s doing and not doing. It’s important to have people there who remind you to stop, relax and enjoy your child. “Typical” children don’t all progress at the same speed and at times they do “strange” things too. It’s hard not to worry, however, with time, I think I’m doing less worrying and more enjoying. I wish you all the same.

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