There are a lot of great resources for parent training.  I will keep adding to this section as I find things.  The first one is at the long Island Parent Center and the website is  This site is hosted by Just Kids which also provides therapy services.  Below is a list of workshops they have coming up:

 Workshop 3—held on Thursday January 28th which is about preparing for your CSE/Mock CSE Meeting

 Workshop 4—held on Wednesday February 10th Role of the Parent Member

 Workshop 5—held on Thursday March 4th Transition 

 It appears you needed to RSVP back in October is participate because there were 2 other workshops already held in October and November.  However, it is worth giving it a try just in case they have open space.  The number to call is 631-603-3300.

The long Island Advocacy Center also hosts trainings. 

Possible Topics Include (lifted from the website): Contact them at for more info on training

IDEA 2004, NYS regulations, special education process, development of IEPs, transition planning, self-advocacy and students’ rights, preparing for the annual review, effective communication, negotiation skills, alternative dispute resolution, due process, functional behavioral assessment and positive behavioral intervention plans, response to intervention, bullying, differences between section 504 and an IEP, Transition to Preschool,  and disability specific information. Trainings can also be tailored to your groups specific needs.


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