Social Skill Activities and Resources–check out these great sites!
This site is a general overview of the different types of social skills you can work on and recommended programs to sharpen those skills.
There is a lot of info and resources on this site but you need to click through and check out all the links. Most of these are lesson plans for teachers but I really like that because it explains in detail how to implement.
This is one of my favorite sites. Has a lot of tools and games to teach emotion and safety!

Last but not least…this site has some great tools. My favorite is the “make your own book” to help social skills.

More to come in the future! Enjoy!

Social Skills Class Info:

I heard about this class through my cousin that I mentioned earlier in the post titled “ the beginning of our journey.” She told me about it because she had heard that it was excellent. Unfortunately her child was 3 and needed to be at least 4 to attend the class. This class takes place on Saturday at Variety in Syosset. At first, I was a little worried because it seemed to be very much like school and I thought Tyler was working so hard during the week I really wanted him to just have fun. What made the transition easy was that another child from his class decided to join the Saturday program as well.

So back to the class description, as I said a little concerned out the gate because it seemed like school and very similar to another social skills class he took over the summer. At first it focused on taking turns and play skills. Which is great, but for those of you who know Tyler–he is looking for the trampoline. Anyway, by the 2nd class we were off to the races. Not only were they learning how to take turns and play, they were also learning how to ask their friends for items, interviewing/question skills (i.e. what is your favorite…), and name recall. Then they started playing organized sports like kickball and learned that winning isn’t everything, as well as how to cheer on his friends. They all took a trip to the bowling alley and even a “pretend” day at the movies teaching them important skills like waiting, and sitting quietly. I think the most important thing that Tyler got out of the class was several self-help skills and improving his pragmatics. Unfortunately the class has ended but I have heard that the next sessions will cover other things like phone conversation skills. I will get a copy of the class description and post it to this over the next few weeks. The next session is starting in March and the Number to Variety is 516-692-1717 Ask for Willis. Would love to hear if anyone else has any other examples of great social skills programs.


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