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NYC Film Event


This came in from another reader. Looks like an interesting event in NYC! Check it out below

The Sprout Film Festival is proud to provide innovative
programming in the field of developmental disabilities. The
festival will be taking place April 30th, 2010 – May 2nd, 2010
at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City

Films that focus on Autism/Asperger’s syndrome are The Horse
Boy, Clay Marzo:Just Add Water, and Billy the Kid.

For more details on the films being screened and tickets,
please visit our website at http://www.sproutfilmfestival.org

We also have a Facebook Fan Page

In addition to the films, all screenings include free coffee,
tea and dessert!


Great Resources at the Farmingdale Library


Just wanted to let you know that someone I know passed along this great information regarding classes they are holding at the Farmingdale Library. In addition, they have an extensive amount of resources on all topics pertaining to special needs children. Check it out in the activities section of the blog.