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Going back to school…well, not really just training!


Hello Parents, just wanted to let you know that starting this upcoming Friday I will be taking a few courses given by Stanley Greenspan. For those of you that are familiar with him, you probably know him best for his work educating parents and professionals on the DIR floortime model. This upcoming course includes training on the floortime model as well as 3 other courses on how to best handle meltdowns, information on sensory processing disorders, and a lifespan approach. I am very excited to learn new techniques and information that can help me with my son! Of course, I will be sharing my learnings with all of you on my blog….but as you know, I am in no way a professional! So, my interpretation of some techniques can be different than an observation made from a therapist. However, once the course is complete—I am thinking around end of April, I will be more than happy to share with those who are interested in hearing in more detail about the training (than listed on the blog). If you are interested in hearing about the training and would like to ask specific questions please feel free to email me at rosiemom2@ymail.com. I will let you all know when I graduate! I hope this goes better than my last school experience. Lol! Some details below on the course.

Taught by Stanley I. Greenspan, M.D.

The Basic Course includes:
• Dynamic developmental approaches to observation, assessment, and intervention planning including the Functional Emotional Assessment Scale (FEAS) methods to meet both clinical and administrative requirements.

• A comprehensive developmental approach to intervention based on functional developmental level, individual differences, and interactive relationships (DIR® Model, Floortime™).

• Interventions for different subtypes of:
(1) severe communication and relationship problems, including Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Multisystem Developmental Disorders, (2) regulatory, learning and behavior disorders, and (3) environmental and family disturbances.

• In addition, the Course will include segments on:
o Promoting the qualities that make children Great Kids such as empathy, curiosity and logical thinking. Based on the book: Great Kids. Helping Your Baby and Child Develop the 10 Essential Qualities for a Healthy, Happy Life. (2007) By Stanley I. Greenspan, M.D., Da Capo Press.
o Autism Spectrum Disorders: prevention, early identification and early intervention
o Developmental insights on difficulties with attention, obsessive compulsive behavior and anxiety in children with ASD
o Tailoring education to each child’s unique interests, strengths and challenges; enabling all children to become active learners

Plus 3 additional workshops on:
A Lifespan Approach to Autism: An exploration of different types and ages of individuals with ASD and the best ways to advance their development
Meltdowns: Helping infants, children and adolescents overcome behavior problems, aggression and tantrums

Regulatory Sensory Processing Disorders: Including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Regulatory Disorder, ADHD, Behavior Problems and Learning Challenges