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Respecting Autism…


When I first started my blog I posted a segment on the Developmental,Individual Difference, Relationship-based (DIR®/Floortime) model. I recall being mystified but intrigued by theresults I had viewed during an on-line course given by Dr. Greenspan. Following completion of that course and to this day, I utilize the model with my own son diagnosed PDD-NOS.

When I recently heard that the Rebecca School was putting out a casebook on DIR floortime—I had to get my hands on it. As I know you are aware that the Rebecca School is one of the only schools to embrace this model throughout all of their teaching methods. After owning the book just four short days….I’ve finished it! So, here is where I’m at—I landed between “Neurotic New York Mom” Knows Best, and “I love you, now go away.” That’s right…once you read it; you will find yourself relating to so many of the cases. The personal stories in the book are like none other written before. And, those of you that know me well…I can open my own Barnes and Noble-Autism Books ONLY lol. The heartfelt and detailed cases have me wanting to meet the children highlighted in the book. As well as, wanting to learn and implement more DIR with my own son! The practicality of the treatment plans implementedat the Rebecca School had me nodding “yes” throughout the book, and envious at the same time that my son doesn’t attend the school. Lastly, the brilliant excerpts from the late Dr. Greenspan made me feel like I was so lucky to be under his tutelage.

As I mentioned earlier, I was intrigued when I first learned about DIR. After reading this book and feeling so connected with the children highlighted in the cases and hearing the parents’ personal experiences, it now has me—Respecting DIR!

You should pick this book up…you won’tput it down!