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Camp…so many options, how do I choose!


As we slowly begin to complete our CSE/CPSE meetings and start to plan for the summer…we are left with yet another dilemma. If you are lucky enough to be approved for summer services and decide to take that path, then you are locked for the summer. But what if you don’t have the option for a summer program or decide that you want your child to enjoy the greater outdoors. For those of you taking the outdoors route you are probably trying to figure out which camp is the right fit for your child. Although this summer I am taking the summer school program path, I decided to start doing my homework for next year, as I am quickly learning that it is never too early to start. So, I took myself to a recent camp fair to assess what the organizations had to offer. I have to tell you I was completely overwhelmed. And, I am not even exactly sure why! Although I had ideas in my head what I wanted, there were so many options and each had a different twist on the day. So, I asked myself—“which place is the right place?” I was having problem processing all of the information. So, I left the camp fair and a few days later ended up at the Autism Fair, and there I found more camp options. As I rounded the tables asking my “pretty typical” questions, I just found myself even more confused. Until….I met Marla Leader! Maybe many of you may have heard of her already, but I have not. Marla is a Camp Expert!!! She has done all the research on special needs camps and has all the answers. Basically she is match.com for the camp world. She will have an intake call with you regarding your child and his/her needs. She will gain an understanding as to what you as the parent are looking for, and then she works her magic. She then comes back to you with recommendations on camps for your child and her assessment! I nearly hugged the woman. Hours of my time just trying to figure out the basics when I could have just called Marla! Oh, and this part I love….she is free!!! So, please don’t wait. If you are struggling with processing the information, or just need a little guidance. Give her a call. Her number is 516-625-9500 or email her at marla@campexperts.com !