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Men Only!


For all the daddies out there!

Very often the support groups and resources are geared towards the ladies! In many cases we are the primary care-takers. But, what about the family settings where the fathers are taking the lead in caring for the children. Or, for the dads that just want to be more involved and learn more. Well, I wanted to pass this along for my fathers that read the blog. There is an excellent group for dads and male caregivers—http://www.longislandsnap.com/for meeting dates and times and to rsvp (which is a must), you need to email rick@longislandSNAP.com with your name, phone, loved ones’ diagnosis and number of guests attending. The group is not professionally moderated and conversations are driven by topics of interest. So to talk about life, parenting, marriage, and learn from other dads whose experience and insight can help you as a parent—join the group now!


Meet Up Group–Let’s Share


Hello Parents,

In the spirit of sharing and the purpose of this blog…I have created a meet-up group. I would love for you to all join and tell me what you would like to chat about. Because I know time is precious, I would like to have some organization to the sessions. For example, we will have a list of topics that will be discussed at a particular meet-up. This way, you can decide before hand if the topics interest you. As the group grows, I would love to have professionals meet with us to provide tips and tools around a specific topic. I will try to have meet-ups both during the day as well as after work in hopes that we can get as many people as possible. The more members…the more we all get out of the group. Even if you can’t make the meet-ups, I truly hope you join the group. I will be posting materials and learnings from all of the meet-ups on the site. And, I would love to hear your comments on the different topics. Don’t worry, the meet-ups won’t consume your already hectic schedules. We will only be meeting every other month. The first meet-up will most likely take place at the end of April (location TBD). This will give us some time to discuss meet-up topics. By the way, I am all ears so please post your ideas on the meet-up site.

Please click the link below to join! I really hope to be hearing from you! Thanks again. And if you have a friend that might be interested, please direct them to the meet-up group! Looking forward to sharing with you!