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Special Needs Parent Coach–Teleconference Series


I wanted to pass along this information about Joan Celebi (Special Needs Parent Coach) for two reasons, the first is that yes it is tax session and yet this seminar may not apply to you at this moment, but it may in the future. So…if you have the time I would tune in! If not, I am sure she will be running this session yearly around this time (also has some others that are interesting). The second reason is because when I stumbled across her website she has many interesting articles and free resources. Many of her items focus on how to navigate life successfully with a special needs child. The interesting twist was it was not only valuable information but also had a very positive outlook and a variety of tips on how to handle often stressful situations. She has a book called Balanced Living All Year–For Families with Children with Special Needs that has a similiar tone to her advice on her site. I don’t think you will be disappointed…

At times, what appears to be the obvious is something that is hard to see when you are stressed and overwhelmed. She sets the tone for success and helps you navigate the stresses of parenting a child with special needs. Check out Joan Celebi and her site! Enjoy


Free Lunchtime Teleseminars
with Joan Celebi, Ed.M., CLC
Founder, SpecialNeedsParentCoach.com

Next Free Lunchtime Teleseminar:

Surprisingly Simple Tax Tips
For Parents of Children with Special Needs
With Special Guest Amy Young
Thursday, March 11, 12 noon Eastern Time

Tax season can seem overwhelming when you have a child with special needs. There are exemptions, deductions, and itemizations … receipts, schedules, and forms … and there’s that looming April 15th deadline that gets closer every day! But with four weeks still left, you can still get through tax time with more organization and less stress than you thought possible!

Join us as special guest Amy Young shares valuable tax tips specifically for parents of children with special needs, and answers questions like:

How do I organize all my tax stuff? (It’s easier than you think!)

What expenses can I itemize? (You may be surprised at some of these!)

What if I get audited?

What forms do I have to fill out?
and more!

Amy will de-mystify the tax process for special needs parents, saving you time, frustration, and quite possibly saving you money with the information and methods she’ll be sharing in this teleseminar.

Free Lunchtime Teleseminars last 30 – 45 minutes, with time for discussion and your questions. The call will be recorded, so if you can’t make it to the call, no worries! We’ll email you the link to the recording, so you can listen later on at your convenience. Note: you must register below in order to receive the call recording.

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Upon registering, you will instantly receive the phone number and access code to call in at the scheduled date and time.

I look forward to having you on the call!